Marcellini's Martial Arts Academy
Head Instructor's Name: Sam Marcellini , Black Belt Street Address: 24471 Sunnymead Boulevard Moreno Valley, CA BJJ Classes Per Week: 3 Number of Students: 60+ Phone Number: 951-485-7077 https://
Since 2000, Marcellini’s Martial Arts Academy has been a premier training center known for excellence in the Inland Empire. It has developed into a world-recognized facility known for amazingly effective self-defense programs, professionalism, and a safe environment. Our students come from various locations throughout the Inland Empire & Orange County for quality instruction and to train with the very best.

Sam Marcellini and the legendary Gracie family have developed unique and effective programs that give students the absolute best training available. Children learn effective self-defense techniques while developing focus, confidence and discipline. Our children’s programs put a strong emphasis on character development. The qualities that students develop in our classrooms will help them succeed in all areas of life. Adult programs are designed to teach students valuable techniques while providing students with a complete and fun workout. Classes are a great way to relieve stress and get in shape.

Classes focus on the technical and artistic aspects of the martial arts, so that students achieve high levels of self-defense without injury. We teach our students how to apply proper leverage and technique so they don’t have to rely on physical conditioning to be able to defend themselves.

At Marcellini’s Martial Arts Academy, we offer the absolute best programs in an environment that is both professional and safe. Our unique programs can help anyone –regardless of age or fitness level- develop effective self-defense skills in a short period of time. Classes are taught by some of the most credible martial arts instructors in the world.