About BJJWeekly

BJJWeekly was started in 2010 by two training partners from Maine, USA. They were looking to "live the lifestyle" and starting a online newsletter made a good excuse to travel around creation like a couple of surf bums, training with the top BJJ players. Little did they know just how big BJJWeekly would grow in a very short time.

BJJWeekly is a FREE, two-part resource. Every Monday we send out an e-newsletter through email which gets delivered to over 15,000 BJJ addicts around the globe. The second part is our comprehensive database of content organized in this website. We create all our own content, videos, articles, etc... and travel around gathering all this for you, our extended family. What do we ask in return? All we ask is to spread your love for BJJ everywhere you go. Also, we ask that you support our sponsors. They keep us moving forward and allow us to step away from our families to gather up all this great content. And our last request...jump over to our STORE and buy some BJJW swag every once in a while.

If you are new to BJJWeekly, a good place to start is our ARCHIVES. There are hundreds of techniques in here from some of the top experts in the game today. You can also search our SCHOOL DIRECTORY if you are looking to start training, you are sure to find a school close to you.

We wish you luck on your bjj journey!

Pete Roberts, Owner/Publisher

Pete Roberts, Publisher

A naturally gifted athlete, Pete was recruited out of high school by various universities to play lacrosse and football. Pete ended up on the gridiron where his size, speed and athleticism could be exploited. However, his heart was not in football. After two seasons he decided to hang up the cleats for a kimono. Not knowing the differences in martial arts, Pete started in Tae Kwon Do where he excelled as a competitor.


Pete then heard about a martial art called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which peaked his interest. Luckily for him, there was a small BJJ club just a couple miles from his house. He recalls his first night training, "I got choked out by a little 150lb kid, I was like 275 lbs and I couldn't do anything. I left there knowing this was a challenge that would keep me engaged for a long time”.  Little did he know that BJJ would change his focus in life. Pete is a Black Belt under Andre "Dedeco" Almeida who is known as "the maker of champions". Pete is an avid competitor on the BJJ scene. Pete and Dedeco, also co-own the ORIGIN Brand which is instrumental in keeping bjjweekly alive.