Best Way Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Head Instructor's Name: Andre "Dedeco" Almeida , 4th Degree Black Street Address: , BJJ Classes Per Week: 15+ Number of Students: 250+ Phone Number: (781) 556-1638 https://
Best Way Jiu Jitsu, founded in 1996 by Andre “Dedeco” Almeida, has quickly become a force in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world, both in Brazil and in the US. After an incredibly successful career as a Jiu Jitsu practioner, Andre dedicated himself to ensuring that his expertise in Jiu Jitsu was passed on to the next generation. To do this, he formed his own school and called it Best Way Jiu Jitsu. To date, he has graduated over 30 Black Belts after rigorous training and testing protocols. The Best Way family is represented on the Champions podium at all major tournaments.

There are now many large, well-respected schools in the United States. Best Way is making its presence known in all of the East Coast tournaments with a string of victories. The Best Way family works hard and plays hard. Please stop at one of our locations to see if you would like to learn the real thing in a challenging but fun environment.