Hello my name is Hesham, I'm a BJJ addict from Egypt.
We are a small yet growing group of BJJ fighters here in Egypt. The game here is not so famous yet, but there is a rising interest. Places (to train) here are rare and small but we managed to find a good place to train at near my house in Alexandria.
I train 3 times a week.
I never skip a practice, even when I'm sick I go and watch.
If I do skip training I feel I'm gonna explode from excessive energy that wants to go out.
I'm going on a hard diet to actually gain weight, I'm 58KG trying to reach 66KG.
Recently I have also been training with Carlson Gracie Cairo, I'm a white belt and I have earned a stripe from the Carlson Gracie academy. I'm on vacation in Kuwait, I heard there is a Roger Gracie Academy here and I haven't trained for a week and I'm feeling rusty already.
All Day I dream About Jiu Jitsu - that is my BJJ life.