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This Month's Expert: Rolles Gracie
In this weeks episode, Rolles Gracie shows us a really nice way to counter a stalled single leg takedown attempt. It can be really difficult to break the grip from your knees when your opponent is hanging on even though he may not be able to finish the takedown, it's too late to sprawl and free your leg. The next time you get stuck in that position give this technique a try, it makes your opponent feel like he is getting something and so he helps you get into a better position. ... WATCH NOW>

Rolles Gracie

“Our breath plays a very important role in our life. The breath is the connecting link between the inner world of the mind and the outer world of the body and environment.”
- Sri Sri Ravi

Health & Nutrition


I’d like to discuss breathing and its importance to improving Lungsyour game. Although you hear it mentioned from time to time on the mat, you may not fully understand the implications or benefits that are available to those who learn how to breathe correctly. Let me try and clear up some of the complexity and mystery that surrounds breathing.

At first look, breathing is something we do involuntarily: This means our bodies are designed to breathe on their own automatically. As a result, we don’t need our brain telling our lungs and diaphragm to accelerate, or our heart to beat 200 times per minute while sparring. It just happens due to pressure exchanges and metabolic needs... READ >

Master's Mindset


Oh, February. Winter still has us in her icy grip. I don’t remember when I last saw the sun. My gi pants freeze into icy armor plates as I walk through the parking lot after class.

And it’s going to be months before it gets much better.

If only there was a glimmer of summer hope I could hang onto. A sparkling warm ocean wave of paradise that could come and wash over me. I think that would be enough to get me through the winter. And while I am fantasizing about warm sandy beaches, why not throw in some great Jiu Jitsu training. Maybe with some of the Gracies? If only... WATCH NOW >

Rolles Gracie

BJJ Lifestyle

My name is Hesham, I'm a BJJ addict from Egypt. We are a small yet growing group of BJJ fighters here in Egypt. The game here is not so famous yet, but there is a rising interest. Places (to train) here are rare and small but we managed to find a good place to train at near my house in Alexandria.

I train 3 times a week. I never skip a practice, even when I'm sick I go and watch. If I do skip training I feel I'm gonna explode from excessive energy that wants to go out. I'm going on a hard diet to actually gain weight, I'm 58KG trying to reach 66KG. Recently I have also been training with Carlson Gracie Cairo, I'm a white belt and I have earned a stripe from the Carlson Gracie academy. I'm on vacation in Kuwait, I heard there is a Roger Gracie Academy here and I haven't trained for a week and I'm feeling rusty already.

All Day I dream About Jiu Jitsu - that is my BJJ life. ... READ >

Gracie Adventure Camp

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