We got a chance to take a look at an X-Guard Killa Bee Kimono recently. I asked my friend Khalil Habib to put it through the paces and let me know what he thought. Here's his response after test driving the gi for a few weeks. (See pictures below the review.)

So my friend Bill Thomas hands me a beautiful black GI with gold trim a few weeks ago and asks me to review it for BJJ Weekly. I jumped at the opportunity. Frankly, I had never heard of the brand and so reviewing it was like taking a taste test of a wine without knowing the label.  This is as objective as one can get. I have been training in this GI since, washing it in warm water and letting it air-dry each time. Let me say that this is by far the best GI I have ever trained in – Bill: good luck getting it back!

First of all, the GI fits like a glove the moment you wear it. It’s very light and feels like a bathrobe. No starchy feel or hardness at all. It feels “broken in.” My one concern before training in it was, “Will this soft material give my opponent an advantage in grip fighting?” The answer is simply, NO. Although the material is incredibly comfortable and smooth, it is not spongy. Furthermore, I weigh 250+ and stand at 6’4 (The gi is an A4). The thick but ultra-comfortable drawstring, which looks and feels like a comfortable rope around your waist, ensures a total fit. The pants don’t pull down your back as you play guard or transition from bottom to top.  Washing the GI was a cinch. It air dries very quickly, making it an excellent daily GI. It retains its soft and comfortable feel even after a lot of washes and air-drying.  My training buddy asked me about the GI and how much it costs. I assumed it was well over $200. I was shocked to discover that it was nowhere near that price. Anyone blind reviewing this GI would assume the same. It’s just that good.  Thanks, Bill! 



The Killa Bee is a super bold design. If you're the kind of guy who wants to be noticed on the mats, this gi won't let you down. And although it's flashy, It's not over the top pimp wear - just a really bold design. There are a combination of embroidered logos and patches, but still plenty of room to add your team patches. X-Guard did some custom embroidary on the jacket, a nice BJJ Weekly logo so they could probably do the same for you although it's not an option listed on the website so you'll have to ask.

The color scheme is yellow highlights and contrast stiching on black. All the seam taping on the exterior of the gi is the same yellow as the stiching, but on the inside of the jacket they use a nice multi color taping on the bottom of the jacket and the sleeves. The back of the jacket is plain, leaving you space for you team and sponsors patch! ;) The pants use contrasting loops (8 of them!) and have the same yellow stitching as the jacket. 


The jacket fabric is a very tight light weight Pearl Weave, that holds up well and doesn't stretch very much at all considering how soft and lightweight it is. The seams are all very well reinforced, stitching is even and there were very few loose threads. After multiple washing and training sessions the jacket is holding up perfectly.

While there is a real trend towards rip stop pants, alot of people still prefer the traditional canvas. These pants are a tough 10 oz cotton canvas. They have a traditional cut, no seperate gusset for the crotch. The knees are reinforced, and the reinforcement extends both high and low enough to be useful. The hems are doubled over and then stiched top, bottom, and have additional seam tape stiched in the middle.

Overall this gi is very well constructed and should last for quite a while.


Our reviewer is 6'4" and 250lbs and the A4 gi fit him extremely well. Although the gi is listed as a competition cut, our sample is definately geared towards a more stocky player and both the sleeves and the waist are more generous than many other brands comp cuts. If you have a very slim build, really long arms, or like a super close fit you might want to consult with them before ordering. If you are a more stocky build, this gi was made for you.


This is where the Killa Bee really shines. This list price on the website is just $129. I would say the quality of the gi is similar to many gis in the $175 range. And they toss in a free tshirt and gi bag, much like some of the higher end brands have stated doing.


This is a great gi for the money, especially if you like a bold design and need a looser fit.