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This Month's Expert: Marcelo Garcia
In his final week, Marcelo Garcia shares some modifications that you can make to your butterfly guard if you find yourself getting beaten by stronger or more aggresive players. Sometimes setting your feet on the mat can create problems when your opponent charges in with a lot of speed and power and you can't react fast enough...WATCH NOW >

Marcelo Garcia


BJJ Lifestyle

Rolles Gracie Interview - The secret to Jiu-Jitsu and what makes a true blackbelt

MArble boatOur friend Jesus Carlos (J.C.) recently attended a seminar in Germany with Rolles Gracie and got a chance to sit down with Rolles at a post seminar cookout and ask him some questions. Thanks for sharing J.C. !

You can’t separate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from the name Gracie. I’ve been training and trying to learn more and improve my skills for a while now. Right now I live in Germany, and there aren’t a lot of places to train, but I try to get on the mats anytime and anyplace I can. So a while back when I heard that Rolles Gracie would be in Holland putting on a two day seminar, I jumped on the opportunity. ... READ NOW >


Troll creek

Reviews that Matter

Gi Review
X-Guard's Killa Bee

Rickson GracieSo my friend Bill Thomas hands me a beautiful black GI with gold trim a few weeks ago and asks me to review it for BJJ Weekly. I jumped at the opportunity. Frankly, I had never heard of the brand and so reviewing it was like taking a taste test of a wine without knowing the label.  This is as objective as one can get. I have been training in this GI since, washing it in warm water and letting it air-dry each time. Let me say that this is by far the best GI I have ever trained in – Bill: good luck getting it back!,.... READ NOW >

MAster's Mindset

Phil Migliarese - FREE Jiu-Jitsu Training for Everyone, is he Nuts?
Phil Migliarese has been in the Jiu-Jitsu game for a long time. He's a 4th degree blackbelt under Relson Gracie and has over 20 years of experience teaching Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. He runs Balance Studios, a very succesful school in Philidelphia. We heard a rumor that some folks in the BJJ community in Philly were pretty upset with Phil though, and we decided to give him a call to hear his side of the story. In this episode of Master's Mindset we chat with Phil about why he's decided to open up his school and offer free Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training for everyone. ... LISTEN NOW >

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