Sweeping from the Open Guard with a Cross Arm Grip

This week we are pleased to welcome Luigi Mondelli to BJJ Weekly as Expert of the Month! Luigi is 3rd degree black belt and is the head instructor for Best Way BJJ and American Top Team in Conneticut.

As well as being a great instructor, Luigi has a long career as a competitor, including 2010 Las Vegas International Open Champion, 2010 Houston International Open Champion, 2010 2nd Place Panamerican, 2009 2nd place US Nationals, 2009 Panamerican Champion, 2008 World No-Gi Champion, 2008 Panamerican Champion, 2007 Panamerican Champion, 2006 Panamerican Champion, 2004 Panamerican Champion, 2002 World Champion, 2004 North American Champion, 2003 North American Champion, 2001 2nd National / Brazil and 1999 Rio de Janeiro State Champion.

Luigi has a great flowing game, and can bring a big man's perspective to BJJ, so make sure to tune in for the next 4 weeks!

In this video, Luigi shares with us a sweep he likes to use after opening his guard and establishing a cross arm grip.