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This Month's Expert: Luigi Mondelli

Sweeping from the Open Guard with a Cross Arm Grip
This week we are pleased to welcome Luigi Mondelli to BJJ Weekly as Expert of the Month! Luigi is 3rd degree black belt and is the head instructor for Best Way BJJ and American Top Team in Conneticut. As well as being a great instructor, Luigi has a long career as a competitor, including 2009 Panamerican Champion, 2008 World No-Gi Champion, 2008 Panamerican Champion, 2007 Panamerican Champion, 2006 Panamerican Champion, 2004 Panamerican Champion, 2002 World Champion, and many more. Luigi has a great flowing game, and can bring a big man's perspective to BJJ, so make sure to tune in for the next 4 weeks!... WATCH NOW >

Luigi Mondelli

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them -- every day begin the task anew."
- Saint Francis de Sales

Lifestyle and Opinion


WallyWhen you think about momentum do you think about speed? Most people do. And, although this isn’t wrong, let’s think about it in a different way. Let’s analyze how momentum can be forced, applied, and given. We can think about these three kinds of momentum as stages we pass through in our developmental as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts practitioners.

The unfortunate thing for most people who enter the martial arts arena, is that they never learn the... READ >

BJJ Power Play

With Jason Scully

It's important to never let your opponent control your neck and equally important to keep good posture. In this week's Power Play, Jason Scully talks about keeping your shoulders over your hips while maintaining good posture... WATCH NOW >

Jason Scully

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Lifestyle and Opinion

Jiu-Jitsu Saves The World

BJJ Globetrotter

If you read a lot of BJJ related blogs, I’m sure you’ve heard about Christian Gruagart, a danish BJJ instructor who is currently doing an around the world trip and blogging about his experiences. He talks about the places he’s visting (Transnistria? come on Christian, did you just make that country up?) the people he’s meeting, and the food he’s eating.

It’s all good fun, and Christian is a great writer so it’s very engaging, but the other day a post about some kids he got a chance to work with really got to me on an emotional level. I won’t go into details here, you really need to read it from Christian’s viewpoint... READ >

Lifestyle and Opinion

Inbox Flodded With Gameness Never Quit Moment Entries!

Become a Gameness Sponsored Fighter!

Gameness Never Quit MomentBecome a Gameness Sponsored Fighter!Last week we announced a contest being sponsored by our friends at Gameness. If you haven’t heard, Gameness is looking to sponsor a new BJJ fighter. But they aren’t looking just at the top of the podium at the Mundials. They want a tough everyday fighter to rep the brand. They want to hear about your Gameness Never Quit Moment!

We’ve had over 50 entries submitted already, including a few cases where people wrote essays about one of their teammates and nominated them for the sponsorship. That’s a pretty great team mate if you ask me.

If you haven’t gotten your entry in yet, there’s still time. The deadline is Saturday, March 12 at midnight eastern time. After we have all the entries in we’ll be publishing the winners in the newsletter... READ >

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