Ya right, I hear you. All your training partners are great guys, all part of a great big family. Everyone loves each other, and everyone treats everyone else with respect. It's one great big jiu-jitsu love fest.

I don't know, maybe that's true in Happy Happy La La Land, but here in the real world we all have occasion to roll with some nasty dudes. And no matter how many times you drop a bar of soap, bottle of Tide, or pack of extra strength tic-tacs in their gym bag they still come to class looking and smelling like they just crawled out of their van down by the river.

Well grappler, at some point you've just got to take matters into your own hands. And I don't mean staging a hygiene intervention although I'm not necessarily against that approach, I mean you've got to protect yourself from the crud!

Lather up with a few heaping dollops of Body Armor from Fight Soap before training and relax knowing that you've just made yourself a militarized zone for nasty critters.

Note - This is not a substitute for bathing, just a little added protection from those who are against it!