Pete’s View

I received the new Storm Typhoon kimono in the mail a couple months back. Of course I was excited because one of my all time favorite bjj players (Andre Galvao) is sponsored and always wears this specific kimono, the TYPHOON. I have rolled in this gi over 20 times and really put it through its paces on the mat.


First off, this kimono (the Typhoon) is hands down the most comfortable kimono I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a LOT of gis. Out of the box it felt like wearing a bathrobe. Figuring the softness would go away after a few washes, I was pleasantly surprised when it stayed soft and supple even after 20+ washes.

This was my first antimicrobial gi and that was a huge benefit to me. Training sometimes all day, knowing this gi is antimicrobial gives me peace of mind. The gi also fit me like a glove out of the box and there has been no shrinkage. As a matter of fact, it fits me as well as it did the first day I wore it.

One thing I really liked was the padded knees. There is not just an extra piece of fabric sewn into the knees but actually a thin layer of padding. I also like the details in the kimono. The embroidery is very nice and the contrast red accents really pull the aesthetics of the gi together.

For me, the best thing about this gi is its overall comfort. Putting this gi on puts me in a good mood because it’s like slipping into your favorite pair of sweats. As a matter of fact, I call it my “teaching gi”. It’s comfortable to be in all day and I know that I won’t catch any funk while in it hours on end because of the antimicrobial treatment.


I only had two issues with the Storm Typhoon. First off, because the sleeves are so soft, they also stretch. When I am rolling with someone that insists on sleeve grips it can be really tough to strip the grips and sometimes my hands get caught inside the sleeves. The cuffs are cut large and loose which benefits your opponent’s grips but can also be good if you like sleeve chokes. My only other issue was the pants seemed to pill a little bit after being abused on the mat over the course of two months.

Overall I really like the Storm Typhoon. The biggest benefit of this gi is “consistency”. What I mean is it is consistently the same size, it’s consistently soft and what you get out of the box is what you will be wearing a year from now.

- Pete Roberts

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Bill’s View

I have rolled in the Storm Typhoon about 8 or 9 times.


It’s soft. I mean this thing is hands down the most comfortable and soft gi I have ever worn. It fit well right out of the box and continues to fit well after washing. (I wash all my gis cold and hang dry in front of a fan.) I haven’t noticed any shrinking of the gi. The gi looks sharp, I like the white on white and the red contrast reinforcements. The kimono is really well made, all the stitching is even and no loose threads.


I hate stretchy sleeves. Soft kimonos stretch – the Typhoon is no exception. And I don’t like the center belt loop on the pants. That doesn’t seem like a lot of negatives… but… did I mention how much the sleeves stretch?

Overall, this is a great gi, especially for seminars or whenever you want to look sharp and be comfortable,

-  Bill Thomas

Make sure to check out the details in this photo gallery.