Our friends at Iron Lion asked us to shower with them...

I mean shower with their soap. We got several bars of their signature OneOne7 soap which is a blend of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil with hemp oil, shea butter, and peppermint leaves.

Iron Lion is all hand made and the packaging is pretty unique, our samples were packed very simply in a plain unbleached cardboard box with a sticker and a stamped ingredients list. If you are one of those people who take your own bag to the grocery store to save on waste, you'll defiantly appreciate this company's packaging philosophy.

How is it to use?

One of the things we've discovered with testing so many soaps is that Eucalyptus oil has a very strong scent. That's especially true with Iron Lion, and I like the scent so that's great. If you don't like the smell though, it might be a bit overpowering. The soap lathers up great, and lasts for quite a while in the shower. I've also found that the hand cut rectangle shape is easy to hold onto, especially important if you're showering in some sort of correctional facility (you know who you are).

The price listed on the website is $5, and I'm going to pick up a few bars of their other varieties and give them a try as well. Defiantly a great product. Proctor & Gamble is doing just fine without my help, I like buying stuff from the small companies that support our sport - so should you!

Bill Thomas