We received a few of the new Scramble Jiu Jitsu Essential shirts for review at the BJJ Weekly office the other day. The shirts come wrapped in individual plastic packages which is really nice, and the shipping from the UK took only a few days.

When I opened the shirt up I was immediately impressed with the quality of the tee itself, and the screen printing. There are no smudges, smears, or misalignment of the print.

The shirts are Fair Wear certified, which I believe means that Scramble promises not to chain up the kids from the local dojo and force them to sew the shirts. They are also WRAP certified which means that they don’t dump nuclear waste in local pond where the shirts are made. (There may be more to it than that but it was a whole lot of fine print so I just summarized the general idea.)

Aside from all the feel good production stuff, the design is very cool and Sramblesque. A Jiu Jitsu shirt that doesn’t feature grunge skulls and glitter? I’ll take one! No bad hair gel required.

I would order one size up if you like a loose fitting shirt as these are very snug cut. Definitely worth picking up, we love Scramble!