So Santa is getting ready to roll into town, and in the nick of time BJJ Weekly, Scramble, and MMA Outlet are joining forces to send you over the river and through the woods on a treasure hunt for great free gear. (That has to be a new personal record for number of bad cliches and puns jammed into a single sentence. Mini celebration.)

Scramble is coughing up a nice rashie and t-shirt package, MMA Outlet is adding in a $50 gift certificate, and BJJ Weekly is kicking in a shirt as well. There will be winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. All you have to do is follow the clues in the pictures to figure out who the famous fighter is. The first picture is in this post, the rest will be on the MMA Outlet and Scramble sites on December 7th and 8th. Once you know the answer, head over to the Scramble Facebook page and wait for the starting gun. First one in the pool wins.

Official Rules Here

Clue Number 1: This Fighter is a Purple Belt


Good Luck!