Operation Knee On BellyKnee on belly is my best position as a competitor. With my weight and strength, I feel at home here. I enjoy this position because I feel like I can transition quickly while making my opponent feel completely helpless. I thought I knew almost everything there was to know about the position. I mean it’s simple, right? Just pop to knee on belly, make them squirm and then grab a sub. Well, was I wrong! Jared sent me his Operation Knee On Belly DVD recently and my KOB game just got a LOT more dangerous.

Sometimes you run across a jiu-jitsu practitioner that really has a knack for a certain position. Marcelo Garcia for instance is a master of the x-guard, The Mendes Bros berimbolo the best, and Roger Gracie has the best mount in the business. Jared Weiner, LLoyd Irvin’s first Black Belt, and an essential part of the success of this TLI is a Knee on Belly Ninja. I have watched Jared in competition many times and he always gets to this position. When he does, it always looks so powerful, stable and dangerous. I asked Jared to send me this DVD because after having met him in Abu Dhabi, but more importantly rolled with him and spent time on the mat, I knew he was a wealth of knowledge.

The package contains 3 DVDs which address all aspects of the knee on belly position. Including body positioning, entries and submissions. Jared breaks the DVDs into three categories including Mounts & Triangles, Chokes, and Armlocks. Jared’s passion for BJJ really shows through in his teaching style. He is very straight forward and does not fluff the viewer with technique that does not work. All the techniques he demonstrates are battle tested in the field. I really enjoyed how Jared broke down knee placement. There are many places you can apply pressure on your opponents torso, forcing them to give up a limb, their neck or even open up their back. From arm locks to chokes to triangles, he teaches every possible scenario you will run into once in the knee on belly position.

The DVD itself is well made. The videography is smooth and the picture quality is right up there. The audio quality is also very clear. I really like it when I can study a DVD and not think about things like production quality. I have a lot of DVDs, most of them I watch once or twice but few of them make it into my library. This DVD will go in my library and something I will refer back to time and time again. It’s the type of DVD that will jump your game to the next level and improve my position, but also great for teaching classes at my academy.

For a little over 100 bucks, you can own this DVD series. Is it worth the investment? Absolutely, 100% worth every dime. In standard BJJ class, you may learn 10% of the information in this series. Knee on belly is simply not a position most instructors break down like Jared does. I highly recommend adding this DVD to your collection. You can find out more information here http://www.operationkneeonbelly.com/

Pete Roberts