Our friends over at MMA Outlet recently sent in a Gameness Feather for review. This is a brand new design from Gameness. The Gameness Feather fits between the Air and the Pearl in terms of weight. It is still definitely a light weight gi and the pearl weave fabric has been treated to make it lighter and softer than the standard Gameness Pearl. The company claims durability won’t be adversely affected.

The pants are a ripstop fabric that out of the box feel a little softer than the Atama Ultralight ripstop pants, but not nearly as soft as the Ground Control ripstop pants. Overall quality of construction looks like what you would expect from Gameness, and the gi appears well put together. This is a very minimal design, especially the pants which are about as plain as possible - no bling to be found anywhere.

See the video below for a quick look, we’ll do a full review after we’ve had a chance to roll in it a bit and run it through a few wash cycles.