Are you using anti-bacterial products after training? That might be a bad idea. Turns out that your skin has a thriving ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and viruses living on it. If you knock out the bacteria, you might be helping out the fungi and viruses. And that's not good.

Defense Soap uses natural essential oils, including Tea Tree oil to help combat the nasty stuff without stripping your skin of all its natural defenses.

I used both the bar soap and the shower gel for a couple of weeks and highly reccomend you check them out. The bar soap is my favorite, it smells a little strong out of the box but once you lather it up the smell settles down a little bit and is really pleasant. I have even used the soap to lather for shaving and it gives me a nice close shave.

The bar doesn't break down or get soft and squishy like some soaps, it seems to last as long as any good bar soap. After two weeks I can say I am officially 'Funk Free' and I found out that someone I had trained with had something on their hand but thankfully it didn't stick on me. Was Defense Soap the difference maker? I don't know but I like it anyway and it's keeping me on the mat so I'm going to stick with it.

Richard Webber