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This Month's Expert: Ricardo "Cyborg" Abreu
Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu shares some basics on positining in the half guard for nogi grappling. Cyborg then demonstrates a drill he uses for switching sides in the half guard and for recovering the position if lost. After going through these fundamentals he shows us a nice set up for a straight arm lock....WATCH NOW >



BJJ Lifestyle

Win an Autographed Portrait of Chuck Liddell

Chuck LiddellEric Williams is a noted celebrity photographer based in Los Angles California. He's been shooting portraits of famous actors, musicians, and sports icons for years. There is a long tradition of fine art portraits of celebrities, but now MMA athletes are receiving the same treatment. Just one more indication that the sport has begun to become mainstream.... READ NOW >


Troll creek

Health and nutrition

The Mother of ALL Gi Surveys from Aesopian
If you've never heard of the legendary Aesopian BJJ Blog, you either hate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or you don't believe in the gi surveyinterwebs. The guys at Aesopian were blogging BJJ long before it was cool. And speaking of cool...

A couple of years ago they did a little survey of their readers to find out what gi companies people really liked. And then a super wonky statistician bjj fiend contacted them to show how he could coax out some amazing information from the survey results. ... VOTE NOW >

BJJ Extra Credit

with Chris Manuel
Chris Manuel shows us how he likes to set up the knee bar when passing half guard from the top. Make sure not to tweak your partner's knee or you might find yourself on the receiving end of a little love tap to the back of the head.... WATCH NOW >

Chris Manuel

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