If you are looking to take your sport Jiu-Jitsu game to the next level, you can't go wrong with studying these DVDs. Saulo goes into great detail explaining key points about each position and move. These DVDs really aren't appropriate for beginners, and even for experienced players there is just so much content you are best to watch one or two segments at a time and then practice them in training rather than try to watch the whole thing.
One thing you always want to take into account is the instructors language. Sometimes the language barrier can make it difficult to get the details right. You won't have any problems understanding Saulo, and that is good because he spends a lot of time explaining details.
The video production values and sound are good compared to typical BJJ videos. Overall this video is definately worth the investment but expect to work with it over a long period of time, you aren't going to pop it into the DVD player with a bowl of popcorn and walk away an expert in 2 hours.
- Pete Roberts