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May 7, 2012
This week Ralek demonstrates some game changing mount controls. If you have a broblem maintaining mount or submitting your opponent from mount, you won't want to miss this. The world championships are right around the corner for all the competitors out there. Only a couple weeks left to tighten up your games and prepare your mind. Remember though as serious as this is as a competitor, don't forget to have fun and enjoy every minute on the mat!

Roll Hard, Roll Often
Pete Roberts, Publisher

This Month's Expert:

In his final week Ralek demonstrates how to control your opponent from full mount. This technique is great for self defense, BJJ or MMA. He explains that it is all about the opposite side hooks and staying low.

Rafael Rebello

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Q5 Combat "Launch Fuel"- A First Look
Q5 Launch FuelI was a competitive power lifter and BJJ practitioner from 1998-2007. To pay the rent I worked in a vitamin shop. I think I’ve tried every pre-work out, post-workout, and interim-workout formula that’s been brought to the American market. Probably the UK, French and German markets too!

One issue I have always had with pre-workout elixirs is the unhealthy doses of stimulants like caffeine (methylxanthine), synepherine, tuarine, DMAA, and guarana just to name a few. That’s one of the things that interested me about Q5’s new Launch Fuel, it doesn’t have any artificial stimulants.

This formula has natural and metabolically functional enzymes, ATP co-factors, phytochemical adaptogens, amino acids, and pentose sugars (found in nucleic acids) that provide the body with a reserve of molecular components to efficiently drive cellular energy for the endurance, interval, and combat training athlete.

After about 20-30 minutes I began to notice a mental clarity, sort of like you might feel after a night of great sleep. I also had a natural sense of energy and felt like my body was prepared for the day’s training challenges. I found it was most helpful on the days where I was focused strictly on working my body to failure. I would take half a serving prior to training, and mix the other half to sip on throughout the workout. This dosing method allowed me to continue training at max intensity... READ NOW >

The Takedown: Know Your Weakness
Interview with Ricardo Pires

Frank Mir and Ricardo PiresRicardo is a 4th degree black belt under Sergio Penha (Osvaldo Alves). He founded the Las Vegas Combat Club and coached Frank Mir to his first UFC heavyweight title. This piece is on the takedown, which can be such a sticky wicket for ground fighters if they don't have a wrestling or judo background.
by Deborah Markel

Q: How do you stop an elephant from charging?

A: Take away its credit card.

Substitute for the elephant a guy who is wider than he is tall, with cauliflowers for ears and the name of a high school wrestling team on his rash guard—then what happens?

Then you might have a problem. Or—as Ricardo Pires prefers to see it—an opportunity.

Pires acknowledges that takedowns are challenging.

“They are not my biggest strength,” he says, “although I believe in some of my takedowns. But it all comes back to knowing your weakness and blocking it.”

How do you block your weakness if your weakness is the takedown?

“Look,” says Ricardo Pires, “Every time I see myself on the mat trying to get something at all costs, it doesn't work. When you start losing control of yourself, you lose control of the situation. You lose control of the situation and you're done. You have to be flexible. You know, like. Let me go around a little bit.”... READ NOW >

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