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This Month's Expert: Ricardo De La Riva
Ricardo De La Riva shows us a nice reverse hook sweep using the standard DLR as a setup but sweeping with the opposite hook. This set up is a little different because you are using the same side sleeve grips. Your second hook comes in over the top of the arm and then under the hamstring. Off balance your opponent and then make space for the sweep by scooting your hips away. Finish in side control.....WATCH NOW >

De LA Riva


Reviews that matter

Jean Jacques Machado - The Grappler's Handbook Volume 2

Jean Jacques Machado is a true Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend. When he's got something to say on the topic of jiu-jitsu it's worth your time to stop and listen. This book is a follow up to the popular Grappler's Handbook but with a focus on defending submissions. Although defending yourself is perhaps even more important than attacking in BJJ, it gets overlooked many times because people like to focus on and learn new submissions.... READ NOW >


Reviews that matter

Kauai Kimonos - Ultralight Ripstop Gi Review

Kauai Kimonos is a different breed of gi company. They have their own way of doing things, from design to manufacturing it's a true lifestyle brand. I'll start the review by saying that I own 2 Kauai Kimonos, and they are a couple of my most prized possesions. And the damn things don't even fit! Before I explain, let me give you a little background on Kauai the company. .... READ NOW >


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