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This Month's Expert: Ricardo De La Riva
This week Ricardo De La Riva teaches us how he modifies his sweep when his opponent comes forward. This is a common strategy for dealing with a DLR sweep so you will need to master this technique if you employ the sweep in your game....WATCH NOW >

De LA Riva


BJJ Lifestyle

with Vicente Junior

Vicente JuniorGetting the arm bar from closed guard can be very difficult when your opponent is wise to your setups. Defending the arm bar is one of the first things most people learn when starting to roll live. This set up from Vincent Junior shows a great method for securing the arm whether your opponent wants you to or not... WATCH NOW >


Troll creek

Reviews that matter

Robson Moura - Jiu-Jitsu Requirements Series DVD Review

RobsonRobson Moura has just released his comprehensive belt requirements instructional DVDs. The full series includes 5 DVDs, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Strategy. Even if you are not with a Robson Moura Nova Uniao school, you should definitely check out these videos. Robson is a 7x World Champion known for his amazing flow and attacking style.

Robson and his team have also made the pricing on these videos affordable for everyone. You can buy single disks for $29. In a world where “Inside Out Hurricane Hammer Quarter Guard Tournament Style Nogi Submissions” videos can go for over $50, that’s a great deal. You’ll find some great in depth reviews written by BJJ Weekly readers below. .... READ NOW >


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