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This Month's Expert: Marcelo Garcia
Once you start hitting the butterfly sweep regularly, it won't be long before your training partners post out their arm once you have position. In this week's video Marcelo shows us how reacts to the post.

When you catch the post arm over your shoulder and start to apply pressure behind the elbow, your opponenet will probably suck back there arm to escape the potential submission. Now your able to complete the sweep you were looking for in the first place...WATCH NOW >

Marcelo Garcia


Reviews that matter


Amanda and Roger GracieOregon OpenIt’s no secret that every jiu-jitsu wife’s secret fantasy includes Roger Gracie, at least mine does. I was reading Jiu-Jitsu Style magazine for the first time on my ipad and came across the Roger spread. My wife glanced over and couldn’t have ripped the ipad out of my hands quicker. The bright beautiful photo lit up her eyes like a bush baby, the only thing missing was a scratch and sniff.

Once I pried my ipad out of my wife hands, I was able to experience my first e-publication. There is no replacement for the smell of fresh inked paper off a Heidelberg press and cracking a magazine for the first time. Feeling the paper between your fingers as you make your way through your favorite magazine is something we all look forward to each month. But navigating through Jiu-Jitsu Style magazine on an ipad is an experience in itself... READ NOW >


BJJ Lifestyle

Soap15 Tips for Good Hygiene in BJJ

I've been on the proverbial soap box since we started publishing BJJ Weekly, and if you've been with us for a while you're probably sick of hearing about it. But still every week we get emails from people who aren't sure about what's expected, or they need to deal with a stinky nasty training partner. I asked my friend Bon, the owner of Fight Soap to give us his take on good hygiene. I recommend sharing this article with new training partners so they know right up front what's expected!   - Bill..... READ NOW >


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