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This Month's Expert: Marcio "Macarrao" Stambowski
Marcio Stambowsky shows us his famous Macarrao Sweep, a sweep he likes to use when his opponent stands up his in guard. If you're practicing this move and you're the guy on top make sure to tuck your chin and roll through or you'll be enjoying a few extra ibuprofen with your post workout protien drink...WATCH NOW >

Marcio Stambowski


Drill for Skill


Ryron Gracie shares a drill he likes to use that can help you when you need to move from side to side for an arm lock. Sometimes the armlock on the same side can be tough to finish with a really strong guy who sees it coming and grips up. If you can smoothly flow to the other side you'll have another chance to attack, but the movement can be difficult to master. Give this drill a try and let us know what you think!... WATCH NOW >

Ryron Gracie


Health & Nutrition

Quick & Easy
High Protein Breakfast

As much as I love the idea of a nice slow breakfast enjoyed while reading the morning paper, I don't actually know anyone who lives like that. We all dash out the door late for something and barely have time to eat, let alone cook up a nice healthy meal first thing.

But if you leave without eating breakfast, you'll probably be cramming a sugary doughnut or 2 lb bagle into your maw before too long. Not a good plan if you are trying to manage your weight.

Those early morning carbs set off a chain reaction that ends late at night, with you passed out on the sofa... READ >

Lifestyle and Opinion

Not All Chokes

Are Created Equal

As a friend told me, three things happen immediately after you mentally freeze, choke, and wreck your motorcycle:

- You take a quick inventory and make sure all body parts are intact
- You surreptitiously glance around to see if anyone was watching, and
- You start thinking of excuses you’ll give for why you wrecked

The first time he wrecked a motorcycle, there were no excuses. What happened? “I had only been riding for a couple months,” he told me, “and I choked. I freaked out. I froze. I – shoot, pick any embarrassing verb and it applies. I was going way too fast up a twisty mountain road and came on a hairpin turn, mentally froze, hit the brazes but did nothing else, and ran off the road into the side of the mountain. ... READ NOW >

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