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This Month's Expert: Emily Kwok
In her final week Emily Kwok shares one of her favorite sweeps from open guard, the sickle sweep. She also show us a variation and a drill that you can use to improve your timing when trying to hit these sweeps. Thanks Emily!...WATCH NOW >

Emily Kwok


Reviews that Matter

Reviewed by Bill Thomas

Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine

Jiu Jitsu Style MagazineVanguard of the British BJJ Invasion

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is exploding in the UK. Now there’s a magazine dedicated to showcasing the local talent and spreading the word. But Jiu-Jitsu Style isn’t only for the guys training across the pond. I got my copy of Issue 02 in the mail the other day, and let me tell you it’s worth the postage

Flipping through the magazine for the first time I was super impressed with the quality of the design and layout, the photography, and the articles. Editor Callum Medcraft has really put together something special with JJS. It’s a great looking magazine packed with interesting content.

The team is impressive as well with Guest Editor Roger Gracie and contributors including Seymour Yang, Matt Benyon, Christian Graugart, Nick Brooks, Can Sonmez, Andy Marshall, Jon Broster, and Carl Fisher. .... READ NOW >


Rolling Reflections

Augusto "Tanquinho" VS. Rafael "Formiga"

Tanquinho vs FormigaIn this episode of Rolling Reflections we get a chance to see a full 100% sparring session as these two fierce competitors were getting ready to compete just a week away from the Worlds. The action is fast, but watch how many sweeps and techniques get stuffed even before they have a chance to develop....


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