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This Month's Expert: Emily Kwok
In this weeks segment Emily shares a flow drill that she likes to use the help improve side control to mount transitions. By practicing the details in this drill you'll be able to more smoothly and safely transition from cross side control to mount and then back to cross side...WATCH NOW >

Emily Kwok


Lifestyle and Opinion


Dedeco and RobsonWhen we travel for the newsletter it’s always fun to shoot video and learn the new techniques. But a lot of the time the best part of the trip happens off camera. We get to meet new friends, hang out on the mats after training and hear amazing stories, and sometimes share a meal and just enjoy the jiu-jitsu lifestyle.

We’ve been working to create a way to bring that experience to you, and we’re really excited to announce the first BJJ Weekly Immersion Seminar. This is going to be different from any other seminar you’ve been to. It’s not going to be 3 hours of technique with 100 guys and a celebrity expert. (We’ve capped the number of attendees to just 30... READ >

BJJ Power Play

With Keith Florian

Keith Florian shares a BJJ Power Play to help avoid getting stacked while you are attempting to triangle your oppornent. Many times you might get the trianlge secured but then end up having to let it go because you let your opponent use his weight to pressue you. This detail helps to keep you out from under their weight..... WATCH >

Keith florian

Gear Reviews


Black EagleThe Black Eagle brand has been making waves in the UK Jiu-Jitsu community lately, and they’ve reached across the pond now with the Predator model BJJ gi.

We received a Predator A3 a couple of months ago and used the occasion to try out our unofficial new gi testing methodology, which basically consists of asking a few different guys to take it for a spin, abuse the heck out of it, and report back. We’ll get back to the results of the beat down in a minute, but first the details on the gi. .. READ NOW >


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