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This Month's Expert: Rolles Gracie
If you've ever had trouble opening your opponents closed guard, this video is for you!
In this video Rolles Gracie shares with us the result of years of practice and blending techniques he's learned from Ralph Gracie, Renzo Gracie, and Rillion Gracie. Standing to open the guard might be the only option when facing an opponent who is much stronger, or has long legs, but it can be tricky to do correctly. Rolles method provides lots of options for passing to either side and responding to various movements that your opponent might make during the pass....

Rolles Gracie

““Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.””
- Napoleon Hill

Gracie Adventure Camp

Health & Nutrition

Are you thinking about changing things up this year? Maybe you are ready for a new way of eating . Maybe you have thought about trying to eat clean all the time. (Do we really know what “eating clean” means? It seems to be a highly variable definition.) Maybe you have even wondered if becoming vegetarian is a good idea or not. There are definitely more fighters evaluating their diet options, and some are even departing from their “high protein” ways. Fighters are starting to explore eating styles that have previously been considered non-traditional for MMA, like vegetarianism and veganism. There are several fighters who are known for their vegetarian and vegan eating styles; Jake Shields, Frank Mir, and Mac Danzig, to name a few. If you are considering adopting a vegetarian way of eating, you will first.... READ >

Rolling Reflections

While visiting the Center for Martial Arts in Bridgeport Connecticut, Pete gets a chance to roll with 5x Pan American Champion and 2x World Champion, Luigi Mondelli. Luigi is a 3rd degree black belt and instructor for Bestway BJJ and American Top Team in Connecticut. Luigi is another big guy, but as you can see in the video he is super smooth and technical. Thanks so much to Luigi for allowing us to get this great episode of Rolling Reflections. You can get more information about Luigi and Bestway here..

Pete Roberts vs Luigi Mondelli

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Lifestyle and Opinion

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Gameness Never Quit MomentWe’ve all felt like quitting before. Quitting a workout early, quitting a diet, quitting a rolling session, and sometimes even quitting on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu altogether.

Sometimes we give in, and sometimes we dig deep and fight back – we stick it out. More times than not, that’s what makes a champion, they stick it out more often than anyone else. They keep going when they really want to stop. They never quit.

There is always a moment of decision, a point where you have to decide to quit, or to keep going... READ >

Association Spotlight

Robson Moura - Nova Uniao
Robson MouraAssociation Spotlight is a special newsletter section for news and announcements from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team associations. If you have a news or a story you would like us to consider for publication, please send it to for reveiw.

“To be a Champion, You Have to Train with a Champion”

That's the motto for the Robson Moura Nova Uniao Jiu Jitsu Association - and describes his overall family approach at the same time. Robson Moura, 4th degree black belt under Nova Uniao co-founder Andre Pederneiras, is a 7x World Champion who started his Association in the United States 3 years ago. Beginning with Josef Manuel in New Jersey, Robson has quickly built an organization that focuses on delivering the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction, helping instructors grow their schools and develop a family approach to teaching and sharing among members.... READ >

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