ISSUE119- October 2, 2012


This MonthsExpert:
Mackenzie Dern

In her third week Mackenzie shows us a verysneaky wrist lock that most oponents won't see coming. For anyone thatis new to the sport be careful and be sure to give your opponent thechance to tap because a wrist lock comes on very fast... WATCH NOW >

Limited Edition
Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood
I’ve designed dozens of gis, but every once in a while you get a chanceto do something really special. When Nic told me he wanted tocollaborate with Origin for the new Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood gi, I knewthis was going to be one of those times. He had some really specificideas about what would make the perfect gi, and I couldn’t wait to turnthose ideas into...

Drill For Skill
Grip Break Drill
This drill helps work your grip break as well as strenthen yourgrips. Unlike other drills that you can work for minutes at a time,this oneI would practice for 30-60 seconds and then take a break for 60seconds. Try it for 3 rounds... just so you don't risk injuring afinger...

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