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This Months Expert:
Jared Weiner

This week, Jared continues his series from Issue #122. Go back and watch last week before watching this week because Jared shows you how to get into the crucifix from the deep half guard position. Once the position is established, the crucifix is there for the taking. If your opponent....WATCH NOW >

Jared Weiner

Drill For Skill
Transitional Guard Passing Drill
This week our drill for skill is transitional guard passing. The bottom player is looking to replace his guard by stepping over the body of his opponent. As this happens, the top player dives and slides his knee in the opposite directing, passing the...

Drill For Skill

What Jiu-Jiteiros Can Learn from a Non-Profit’s Social Media Campaign (Part 2 of 3)
By Marshal D. Carper
Last week, we talked about the basic goals of social media and of community building, using my work with a non-profit as an example case study. As you begin to develop your strategy, creating and empowering advocates should be the core of your social media activities, and that core is strengthened through a variety of tactics. Having an active Facebook page may help you turn gym members into passionate advocates, but the real process starts offline, within the walls of the gym.

On this front, Junior Achievement was well ahead of most organizations turning to social media to boost the impact of their marketing efforts. Junior Achievement has been working in the community for decades, and their alumni are sprinkled across the world. They are reasonably well-known and respected, and they host numerous events for a wide range of community members. Offline, Junior Achievement’s community is thriving. It is vibrant and healthy, and everyone involved is happy and passionate about the organization. Their social media was weak because they had not made the effort to make their online presence match their rich physical presence. Read Full Article Here

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