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This Months Expert:
Jared Weiner

This week we present expert Jared Weiner from BJJ United / Team Lloyd Irvin. Jared teaches us how to kill the deep half guard and secure the crucifix position while you pass. He also shows us a couple really nice choke positions. Jared is an active competitor and all his techniques have been tried...WATCH NOW >

Mackenzie Dern

Drill For Skill
Tornado Drill
This is a perfect multipurpose drill. It helps improve your hip movement, balance, core strength and flexibility. It also helps your timing and ability to invert. Our expert always stays connected with her partner during the drill...

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

What Jiu-Jiteiros Can Learn from a Non-Profit’s Social Media Campaign (Part 1 of 3)
By Marshal D. Carper
Junior Achievement is an international non-profit that teaches children about business and financial literacy. They foster entrepreneurism and teach money management. Their programs have been proven to increase scholastic performance and reduce dropout rates, and they do a lot of good for the communities connected to their respective chapters, but with federal funding becoming increasingly sparse, Junior Achievement is relying more and more on fundraising to keep their doors open and their programs alive. I recently helped the Western Pennsylvania chapter of Junior Achievement use social media to generate awareness for one of its largest annual fundraisers: a raffle for a package of season tickets for a variety of Pittsburgh sports teams. We boosted revenue by 9% over the previous year, and from the point that we launched the social media portion of the campaign to the time that the fundraiser ended, we raised $60,000. What does a non-profit’s fundraiser have to do with jiu-jitsu? A lot, actually. Their campaign serves as a case study, a model that other community-driven organizations can learn from. Social media marketing is more than a new trend; it’s a powerful community building tool. Community building occurs in two stages: strengthening the loyalty of existing members and growing the community by acquiring new members. Your gym is a community, and incorporating social media into your gym culture can make that community stronger and healthier. Read Full Article Here

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