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October 15, 2012
I am on a Metamoris high! What an amazing card and every fight was exciting. I want to give Ralek Gracie a big shout out for putting this event together. I am sure he had a lot on the line risking this idea but I believe it was a big success. Also, a (start plug)...many of you know I own Origin. The brand keeps the newsletter going as the main sponsor. I recently designed a really nice limited edition gi with Nic Gregoriades from Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood. We launched the pre-order and are opening it up to the public today. It's an amazing gi, the nicest, and most comfortable gi I'v ever designed. You can support the continuation of Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood, BJJWeekly and help keep the free content coming your way by pre-ordering it below. (End plug) Call me direct if you have any questions 207-838-8191. We have some great technique this week...enjoy!

Roll Hard, Roll Often
Pete Roberts, Publisher

This Months Expert:
Mackenzie Dern

In her final week Mackenzie shows us this great sweep from reverse DLR to setup a perfect leg lock. Mackenzie has amazing technique so be sure and watch for the details and tips she gives. We would like to thank Mackenzie also for coming out to the immersion camp we hosted this summer to teach and making the camp tons of fun! WATCH NOW >

Mackenzie Dern

Limited Edition
Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood
We had a bit of trouble with our ZEN gi pre-order email going out to subscribers. I was getting emails all weekend, so instead of replying to hundreds of emails, I decided to open the pre-order up publicly.If you want to get the ZEN gi, please order through this link. I am only keeping it open for another day or so...

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

Drill For Skill
Star Sweep Drill
The key to this drill is getting a good grip on the person that is standings leg and when you get to their side try to be square to them on your hands and knees. Since this drill is fairly low impact it is great for conditioning.See how fast and how many you can do in 2 minutes and for a harder workout try adding more time!

Drill for skill

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