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September 25, 2012
This week I got a reminder of how quick and short life is. Also, the sacrifices so many have made so that we can do the things we love like train BJJ. My grandfather (Papou) passed away yesterday. He loved hearing about my travels in BJJ and all the things I was involved in. His parents immigrated from Sparta, Greece in the early 1900s. As a young boy (8 years old) he would get up at 5 am every morning to go pull nails from the hides at the tanning factory in Peabody, Mass. He excelled as an athlete and later as a business man. He helped lay the foundation and set the standard for work ethic. He was a true Spartan and I know if he had the opportunity to participate in BJJ as a young man he would have fallen in love with it. These days it is easy to become complacent and live a mediocre life. My Papou spit in the eye of mediocrity, and I urge you to do the same. Don't just go through the motions but instead make yourself better using BJJ as a foundation for life. Train hard and God Bless.

Roll Hard, Roll Often
Pete Roberts, Publisher

This Months Expert:
Mackenzie Dern

This week Mackenzie demonstrates a very dynamic bjj submission she calls the "refined omoplata". Instead of finishing with her inside leg, she threads her outside leg over the arm creating a more secure and dangerous submission... WATCH NOW >

Mackenzie Dern

Drill For Skill
Triangle Drill
This drill is a great warmup dripp and will open your hips while strengthening your core. The drill helps you to elevate your hips while at the same time making your body move in the proper triangle position. Do this for 50-100 reps and you are sure to get a great...

Drill for skill

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