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This Months Expert:
Braulio Estima

In Braulio's last week he does not disappoint. Braulio has been following a sequence for the past few weeks based off a sweep. This week he combines the sweep, triangle and hip bump sweep all into one. This series is very high percentage and once mastered it will become a deadly part of your arsenal... WATCH NOW >

Braulio Estima

Immersion Camp 2012
Highlight Video
We had an amazing time at this year's first Summer Immersion Camp. People drove and flew in from all over the world to attend the 5 day event. This video showcases many of the activities that took place at the camp. Jiu Jitsu, water activities, lots of laughs and fresh Maine lobster. Sorry you missed it, there is always next year....WATCH NOW >

Camp Highlights

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Drill For Skill
Arm Drag
This is the first episode of a new segment called Drill For Skill. Augusto Tanquinho Mendes starts it off strong with an arm drag drill. If you really want to up your game start working these drills in until they become muscle memory....

Arm Drag

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