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July 24, 2012
I've been struggling with a bulging discin my lower back for 23 days now. This articdle from Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes could not have come at a better time. Tanquinho is a fierce competitor and I can't imaging how hard it must have been for him this past year with his recovery. It makes me salivate thinking about training again. I think you will see Tanquinho in 2013 with more passion and desire to win. We also have Nic Gregoriades and JT Torrres this week, sharing with us some nice technique. Our Summer Immersion Camp is really coming together nicely. There is still time to register so when you are ready, click on the orange ad below.

Roll Hard, Roll Often
Pete Roberts, Publisher

Nic Gregoriades
Masters Mindset
This week Nic goes in detail about body positioning to escape the sidemount. He emphasizes bridging with explosiveness and creating a hammer and nail with your legs. Nic is a black belt under Roger Gracie, so you know his technique has been tested in the most extreme circumstances....WATCH NOW >

Nic Gregoriades

Presented By:
JT "Spiderman" Torres

JT is back this week with a quick Power Play. It may seem simple but the way you grip your hands is so important when on your opponent's back. JT explains that when your opponent strips your grip, he also exposes his neck. If you don't grip correctly then your opponent will be able to isolate your arm and escape. This is one of those techniques you don't "consider using"…just use it, it will jump your back...WATCH NOW >

JT Torres

Pete Roberts

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Road to Recovery by Augusto Tanquinho Mendes
Q5 CombatEvery athlete in any sport has experienced an injury or will go through some type of injury one day in their career. Sometimes it can be a serious injury and other times it can be minor, but all types of injuries worry the athletes. When you are a professional athlete and a training routine is part of your day to day life, it is difficult to go through a new routine of recuperation and the limitations that an injury has!

I can say all of this because I have personally been through 2 serious injuries throughout my career. My first serious injury happened in October of 2009. I ripped all of my ligaments in my right elbow, during training and I needed a difficult operation to reconnect all of the ligaments in that area. I passed through 4 months of recuperation and I can say that I overcame all of the difficulties and I was able to transform the difficult period into determination to come back more focused and with this I had even better results, even after the injury.

Now, I am recovering from my second serious injury in my career. In November of 2011, I needed an emergency surgery done on my spinal cord. I had a hernia that was compressing a few nerves and because of this I was forced to stop training again. It has already passed 5 months and only now have I started training again, but I know better than anyone that everything I was doing in those 5 months would... READ NOW >

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