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July 10, 2012
I had an incredible weekend here in Maine. My professor strapped me with his black belt. My wife said, "Pete, only two things bring tears to your eyes, babies and belts". It was emotional for me, I did shed a couple tears of joy. Everyone that starts in the gentle art has the goal of achieving a black belt, but sometimes it seems like a dream that will never happen. All I can say is hard work pays off. You will experience highs and lows in the gentle art. BJJ is not just a lifestyle, it's a relationship. All relationships go through good times and bad. Push through the hard times, force yourself to go to class, to learn, to train. Do this and good things will happen in due time. Also, registrations for the Immersion Camp are going well. Please check out the quick note below for more information on registering. If you register before July 15, you will receive a limited edition Origin gi and back pack!

Roll Hard, Roll Often
Pete Roberts, Publisher

This Month's Expert:
Wellington "Megaton" Dias

In Megaton's final week he demonstrates a nice choke series from guard. Using your opponents lapel allows you to keep their posture broken and opens up some nice options when your opponent defends. This series is safe and can be used from the...WATCH NOW >

Wellington Megaton Dias

Rolling Reflection
with Xande Ribero
Pete fought Xande Ribeiro at this years World Pro in the quarter finals of the open division. Pete was ahead on advantages but Xande kept cool and caught Pete with 45 seconds left on the clock. Pete talks about his strategy during the fight and it's very insightful to see what's going through his head...WATCH NOW >

Wellington Megaton Dias

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Summer Immersion Camp
Immersion CampFinal Week for Pre-Registration
We've had a lot of people sign up for the Summer Immersion Camp and we are half way there! 25 more slots need to be filled and if you register by July 15th you will receive a free Limited Edition Origin gi and Backpack pack. SCHOOL OWNERS, if you are interested in attending this camp and have a few students that would like to go, we are offering discounted price for you. Please call Pete at 207-838-8191 for more information. The camp is for everyone...male or female and all belt levels are welcome....CLICK HERE >

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