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May 14, 2012
I was able to spend a lot of time with JT Torres over in Abu Dhabi and I am very excited to welcome him as expert of the month for the next 4 weeks. JT is one of the most exciting American grapplers and is a real handful to deal with (coming from experience). We had a lot of down time to hang out and train over in the UAE and JT is as strong mentally as he is technically. This week JT starts us off with a guard pass you NEED to see. This kid may just be the next American BJJ world champ. Enjoy the next 4 weeks!

Roll Hard, Roll Often
Pete Roberts, Publisher

This Month's Expert:

The leg lasso can be a real pain to deal with, especially with a strong, long legged opponent. This week, we welcome Jonathan "JT" Torres from team Lloyd Irvin. JT does a phenomenal job of executing a high percentage pass, leg dragging and passing his opponents guard. We shot this video in Abu Dhabi and they were having a party in the motel, please... WATCH NOW >

JT Torres

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Origin's 2012 Comp 550 Gi Review
Origin AdAvid readers of "The Ground Never Misses" will remember summer of last year when I reviewed Origin's Genesis 550 kimono.  This was one of their limited prototypes with the intention of gaining feedback and improving the design and function for the 2012 release of the Comp 550.  I must say Pete and his crew have taken their task of searching for the perfect gi quite seriously. The first important thing about Origin is that the owner/designer Pete Roberts is not only a businessman, but also a competitor at the highest level, most recently fighting his ass off at the World Pro Jiu Jitsu Cup! So the functionality and comfortability should be top notch, and the improvements made on the 2012 model illustrate that commitment to improvement.

Style & Design:
Origin excels at the contrasting color scheme using colors not often utilized in BJJ gi designs.  The new Comp 550's are offered in blue with orange highlights, white with orange highlights, or black with orange highlights.  Embroidered logo's emblazon the left shoulder and left calf, with 'Origin' in contrasting grey/orange on the right shoulder.  Orange ticker tape lines the inside of the cuff's and skirt.  Design wise I like it, but the fabric used is a little scratchy and irritating sometimes.  I love the orange color theme and think it really snaps!  The 2012 gi complies with all IBJJF regulations with no two-tone collar color's.
... READ NOW >

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