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BJJW Letter Bill Thomas

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Sometimes you opponent can over power your top leg, compressing it to pass your guard. This week Pablo Popovitch continues his nogi guard control technique and demonstrates how to create space with the top leg and free up your bottom leg. If you time this right it is very easy to swing the bottom leg back into place and get control back....

Pablo Popovitch

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Trying to pass without having a strategy can backfire. One of the most important passing details is controlling the grips. The best time to pass is immediately after the take down or immediately after your opponent pulls guard, so don't let your opponent settle in, the sooner you control the grip game, the quicker you can get into your passing game. In this segment, Pete Roberts demonstrates a way to control the grips when standing to pass...

Pete Roberts

Pete Roberts

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Reviews That Matter

The Best of MGinAction DVD Review
By Guest Writer: JASON CLEMENT

MArcelo DVD ThumbIn this review, we are covering the MG in action 2010 highlight video, featuring the best footage of the year as seen on This DVD provides only a handful of different techniques, however they are presented in mind-blowing detail. Students of this two-disc set receive dozens of concepts, mechanics, and entries related to what are a handful of techniques straight from Marcelo's bag of tricks. Arguably, this is much more applicable than watching twenty techniques in a single sitting, only to forget it moments later.

If you are a moderate to advanced level grappler, it is likely that you know, or have encountered many of the techniques seen in this DVD, but it’s doubtful you are aware of all the intricacies that Marcelo presents on MG in action. Marcelo discusses common scenarios relating to the technique he is teaching. As the technique is explained, the details are reinforced by a second overlaying video showing actual rolling footage providing a sort of technical proof of concept.

There were periods in the lessons where I struggled to understand what Marcelo was saying, but with such great visual presentation, the occasional issue in audio clarity was never a problem. The technique section of the DVD acts as more of a technical briefing of what is to come on disc two. This, for me, was where the true learning took place. ... READ MORE >

JJS Roger Gracie

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