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In Pablo's first week he demonstrates some very important controls. You need to make sure your opponent does not cross your center line or they could regain the under-hook and flatten you out. It's important to work from the neck to the wrist while mantaining contact and keeping control of the distance while executing these techniques...

Pablo Popovitch

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This week bjjweekly's Pete Roberts demonstrates how to use your body to create space and regain control while your opponent controls the sleeve grips. This setup is great for passing the De LA Riva Guard. Make sure to keep your elbow close to your body and your posture and base wide to avoid getting swept. You need to make this move fast, don't wait around or you will end up on your back!...

Pete Roberts

Pete Roberts

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By Guest Writer: MATT CONNOLLY

Nicolas GregoriadisGuest contributor Matt Connolly is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and owner of Infinity Strength & Conditioning . He is a CrossFit L1 Trainer, UKSCA Associate, RockTape Practitioner, SAQ Advanced Trainer and trains at Roger Gracie Academy in London, UK.

"They say that strength doesn't count, but it does. Maybe it wouldn't make a difference if the opponent didn't know anything. If the opponent knows something, then strength starts to count." - Carlson Gracie

This is becoming ever more prevalent in the competitive world of BJJ. Whilst in a self-defence situation you would most likely have the upper hand of your attacker not knowing how to defend a takedown attempt, armbar, or triangle. When competing, not only does your opponent know how to counter but more and more competitors are enlisting the help of Strength & Conditioning coaches especially at high level. Many academies now offer some sort of S&C training as part of their curriculum, because as the saying goes "when technique is equal - strength counts."

One of the most versatile and, in my opinion, best value training tools available to the BJJ athlete is the kettlebell. It's fairly common to see them at your BJJ academy or at your local gym, you may have seen them being swung around, or even used them yourself. They vary in price from around £30 - £120 ($40 - $200) depending on type and weight, but I'd strongly recommend investing in one if you want to improve your strength and conditioning. Kettlebells come in two main types, the traditional cast iron type shown here: ... READ MORE >

JJS Roger Gracie

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