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This Month's Expert: Ricardo De La Riva
Ricardo De La Riva shares the details on one of his sweeps from the DLR guard. In this sweep make sure when you trap the angle you keep his knee from turning to the outside. If you have trouble clearing the body, use the second variation where you step on your opponents shoulder. Obviously, the sleeve grip is absolutely critical to keep while executing this sweep....WATCH NOW >

De LA Riva


Troll creek

Health and nutrition

Fish Oil Supplements Help Muscle Soreness After Training
Fish Oil
The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine published a new study that shows fish oil supplementation can reduce the inflammation and muscle soreness associated with intense exercise. When you overwork your muscles rolling or weight training they can become inflamed. This inflammation causes a large part of the soreness you feel the next day. (Soreness that you don’t feel till later or the next day is called delayed onset muscle soreness, and is the type of soreness that the study looked at.) Taking Fish oil supplements ... READ NOW >

BJJ Extra Credit

with Vicente Junior
This week Vincente shows us a really nice sweep option for when you are stuck in bottom side control. This sweep is great because you aren't risking much when you try it, and it's really difficult for you opponent to stop it if you get the set up right. Make sure to walk your feet towards your opponent's head and keep your heels close to your but to give you enough leverage to finish... WATCH NOW >

Vicente Junior

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