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This Month's Expert: Ricardo De La Riva
Ricardo De La Riva shows us how he sets up a basic DLR sweep from guard. Notice how he moves his hips outside of his opponents leg to make room for him to slide in the DLR hook. If you don't make space by moving your hips you may not be able to get the hook set properly. It's important to get the push/pull timing down so make sure to practice plenty of reps. The DLR guard in general relies on a lot of precise positioning and timing, if you are forcing the sweep something isn't right. ...WATCH NOW >

De LA Riva


BJJ Lifestyle

Starting Your Own BJJ Club

FahedWhat can you do if you want to train but can’t find a club within convenient distance, can’t afford regular training sessions, or the club where you usually train has shut down?

If you don’t want to do a whole lot of solo training with Grand Master YouTube, you could set up your own club and find some guys to roll with.

The club where I used to train got shut down. I live in London, so I had plenty of options in terms of teams to join (Roger Gracie, Carlson’s etc) but none of them were located practically for me to get to on a regular basis. And some were well out of my price range. By chance, I met a couple of guys who were in a similar position. ... READ NOW >


Troll creek

Health and nutrition

Pineapple - A super sweet snack that's suprisingly good for you!
PineappleThere aren’t a whole lot of foods that taste as good as a fresh pineapple. Succulent and juicy, with a complex flavor that alternates between sweet and tart this is a treat that’s as good for you as it tastes. Pineapple has loads of Vitamin C, as well as Thiamin, Manganese, and B6. It has a low glycemic load for something that tastes so sweet, and is mildly anti-inflammatory which can help with sore joints.

When selecting a pineapple from the store... READ NOW >

BJJ Extra Credit

with Vicente Junior
3rd degree De La Riva black belt Vincente Junior shows us a method for breaking your opponents posture from guard, with a bonus choke. They'll never see this one coming and you'll probably be able to use it a few times at school before they figure out what you are doing. This is a very sneaky choke!... WATCH NOW >

Vicente Junior

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