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This Month's Expert: Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa
Formiga shows us another variation of passing the De La Riva guard. Make sure to check out week one and week two as these techniques all tie together. At :25 Formiga uses a technique to get an inside grip on his opponents knee. The sleeve grips are critical to most DLR sweeps, so learning how to win the grip fight before starting the pass is critical......WATCH NOW >

Rafael Formiga Barbosa


Featured Event

If you're in the New England area this weekend you should make plans to join us at the North Woods Escape! Enjoy a long weekend of training, white water rafting, paintball, cookouts, and good old fashioned Maine camping fun! There is going to be a caravan coming from the IBJJF Boston Open so you can probably find a ride from there if you want to carpool. If you're competing at the Open bring your entry ticket to camp and save $50 off registration! The registration fee covers your training, lodging, food, rafting, and paintball.... READ NOW >

Moose River Outpost

BJJ Submission Chain

with Gabriel "Gladiator" Santos
In this episode of BJJ Submission Chain Gabriel 'Gladiator' Santos shows us his favorite progression of side control attacks. Submission Chains are important because as you train and compete against more skilled opponents it's unlikely your first attack will be successful. A Submission Chain uses one or more attacks to force your opponent to react in a predictable way. You then have an attack that takes advantage of that predicted movement. At the highest levels Submission Chains might be 5-6 or even more moves deep with variations for every reaction an... WATCH NOW >

Gabriel Galadiator Santos

Master's Mindset

Rener Gracie on the Bullyproof Program

Rener Gracie discusses why the Bullyproof program is so important to his family, and how it is being embraced as a realistic, non violent way for kids to fight back against bullies... LISTEN NOW >

Moose River Outpost


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