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This Month's Expert: Marcio "Macarrao" Stambowski
This week Master Stambowsky shows us his favorite standing guard pass. One of the reasons he likes to use this pass is because it is so efficient. While the pass looks very simple, there are a lot of details that make it work. Make sure to watch how he grips the lapel, and his foot position. He also keeps his elbow inside the knee to avoid a possible triangle and uses the pants to roll his opponent up and keep his hips out of the game. Like all simple things, the details make it work so practice a lot of reps!...WATCH NOW >

Marcio Stambowski


Drill for Skill

Knee on Belly with RYRON GRACIE

Hey, you had to work really hard to pass the guard and make it all the way up to mount so don't give it up so easy! Ryron Gracie shows us a drill you can use to improve your transitions from mount to knee on belly and back. If you rep this drill you'll be able to quickly and smoothly move from one dominant position to another.... WATCH NOW >

Ryron Gracie


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