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This Month's Expert: Augusto "tanquinho" Mendes
Tanquinho shows us a variation on a guard pass that ends with taking your opponents back. It's very important to make sure and control the leg you are rolling over with this technique. He finishes the back take with a modified ezekiel choke using his fist to finish the near side of the choke...WATCH NOW >

Augusto Tanquinho Mendes


Health & Nutrition

Wild Maine Blueberries

BlueberriesAre you thinking about changing things up this year? Maybe you are ready for a new way of eating . Maybe you have thought about trying to eat clean all the time. (Do we really know what “eating clean” means? It seems to be a highly variable definition.) Maybe you have even wondered if becoming vegetarian is a good idea or not. There are definitely more fighters evaluating their diet options, and some are even departing from their “high protein” ways. Fighters are starting to explore eating styles that have previously been considered non-traditional for MMA, like vegetarianism and veganism. There are several fighters who are known for their vegetarian and vegan eating styles; Jake Shields, Frank Mir, and Mac Danzig, to name a few. If you are.... READ >

Lifestyle and Opinion

What is a CREONTE Anyway?

SamuraiFor better or worse, Facebook has made millions of private squabbles public. Years ago when we had an issue with someone we could vent to a few close friends and forgot about it, or we could confront the problem directly and deal with it. Now it seems the preferred method of dealing with difficult issues is to take thinly veiled shots at your adversaries on your Facebook wall. This is how I first heard the term “Creonte”.

I was curious about the term, because I knew a couple of the characters participating in the real life drama, so I did a little research. I found a blog post from Kid Peligro that explained Creonte was the name of a character in a popular Brazilian Soap Opera. He frequently changed alliances in the show, and Grandmaster Carlson Gracie started using the term to describe a ‘traitor’. So what is a traitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu anyway?... READ NOW >

BJJ Building Blocks

Nic Gregoriades - Straight Arm Lock

Nic GregoriadesIn this segment of BJJ Building Blocks, Nic Gregoriades takes an indepth look at the straight arm lock from guard. The technique can be very difficult to pull off successfully against another Jiu-Jitsu player because they know it's coming and can defend against it, especially if you just try grabbing the arm and throwing your hips over. Nic covers the details required to make the arm lock from guard a high percentage move in your game.... WATCH NOW >


BJJ Lifestyle



Our friends at Gameness want to send one lucky reader another free gi! The contest is simple, just take a picture of you with the words "I Have Gameness - I Never Quit". It could be on a sign, a poster, a banner, or some magical photoshop creation. The only limit is your imagination. Once you're ready, just post your photo in the comments section below - that's it! (best format is .jpg, 728px wide)

We'll select our favorite pics and then you'll vote for the winner. Gameness is also going to print all the photos on a giant banner and display it when they exhibit at shows and tournaments. If you enter the contest you'll be included.... READ NOW >

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