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This Month's Expert: Augusto "tanquinho" Mendes
In this segment, Augusto 'Tanquinho' Mendes shares the technique he's been using lately in competition to defeat the 50/50 guard. It's really important to keep your trapped leg straight so that you keep your opponent from getting underneath you. There are a lot of subtle movements in this technique so work it with your training partner for a while in drilling before trying it live....WATCH NOW >

Augusto Tanquinho Mendes


Lifestyle and Opinion

When Should You Tap Out? Sometimes Never

Scott FordI thought I knew a lot about dedication, commitment, and sacrifice.

Then, when I was writing my book Financial Jiu-Jitsu, I talked to Renzo Gracie and realized commitment can sometimes be taken to an entirely different level.

“Kazushi Sakuraba caught me in a kimura lock,” Renzo told me. “Twenty seconds to go in the match so I didn’t want to tap.” Plus,” he continued, “I had always wanted to find out if I could listen to a bone being broken and still not quit.”

He found out. Sakuraba continued to apply pressure until Renzo’s elbow snapped and the referee stopped the fight. (You can see it happen here.)

“I gained something more important than any victory,” Renzo said. “I learned, once and for all, that my mind truly is stronger than my body. Today, when things get tough, all I have to do is remember that if I can watch my arm get broken... READ NOW>

Bjj Building Blocks

with Nic Gregoriades

The cross choke from mount seems simple enough, so why do so many people have trouble finishing it? And why is it that Roger Gracie can defeat so many elite BJJ fighters with such a simple technique?

Nic Gregoriades from the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood, and Roger's first black belt has put together an indepth look at the cross collar choke from mount in this video. Nic takes a look at proper mount position, balance, weight distribution, defeating your opponent's neck protection, how to properly take a grip on the lapel, mainting mount and preventing sweeps, and finally applying the finish. ... WATCH NOW >

Nic Gregoriades

Gear Reviews

Report From The

It’s been two weeks since the 2011 IBJJ Worlds Tournament, and I’ve sat down to write this article 4 or 5 times. Every time, I get caught up in describing the beautiful submissions and well calculated strategies that were on display in all the belt classes over the course of four days.

But I realized that if you’re reading this and you frequent BJJ Weekly, then you’re already a total BJJ maniac like me, and you already know the outcome of the matches. You were probably watching it live from the event or at home streaming it on your computer.

As I read over my play by play coverage, I started to think, “This is boring!” But I had such an amazing experience when I was there! Why wasn’t it coming out in my story? So I took a step back, and asked “why did you go all the way to the worlds this year anyway?” ... VIEW NOW >


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