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This Month's Expert: Emily Kwok
.In this segment Emily Kwok shares a standing pass for the open guard. At Marcelo Garcia's academy in New York they teach a lot of open guard and you need to be careful not to let your opponent control your hands or set the butterfly hooks. This pass allows you to quickly step through the middle and control your opponent before he can set up the sweep....WATCH NOW >

Emily Kwok

Robson Moura

Lifestyle and Opinion


Dan FagellaYour instructor and training environment serve an irreplaceable role in developing your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game. Having guidance and structure is integral, especially for the newer students who need to understand the basics.

With that being said, students who are advanced enough to understand their own strengths and weaknesses sometimes need a little bit of autonomy and freedom to work on the areas of their games that are most important for them. You might, for example, recognize guard passing as the biggest bottleneck in ... READ >

BJJ Power Play

With Luigi Mondelli

In this BJJ Power Play Luigi Mondelli shares a method that he likes to use to counter the half guard lockdown. It can be a really annoying position to be stuck in top half guard when you opponent uses this lock down, this quick tip will give you one option for getting out.... WATCH >

Luigi Mondelli

BJJ Lifestyle


Winner Announcement!

Gameness Never Quit MomentVoting is now over for the Gameness Never Quit Moment Sponsorship Contest, and the winner with over 838 votes is Andy Lushman! Andy will be getting a full sponsorship package from Gameness, including a practice gi, a competition gi, competition entry fees, and he'll be featured in an upcoming Gameness advertisement!

Both semi finalist winners, Elie Chalita and Shane Mount win a gi from Gameness.

BJJ Weekly and Gameness would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter the contest and share their stories with us, it was a truly humbling experience to read about all your Never Quit Moments... READ NOW >


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