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This Month's Expert: Phil Migliarese
Phil Migliarese continues his Yoga Hook series by showing a nice choke finish from the setup.....

Phil Migliarese


Reviews that Matter

Reviewed by Bill Thomas

MGinActionReview of Marcelo Garcia's and Josh Waitzkin's Jiu-Jitsu Learning Site

I’ve seen a lot of different jiu-jitsu video sites, but there’s nothing else out there quite like MGinAction. It’s not just a video technique library; it's really a jiu-jitsu learning system. I used MGinAction to study a couple of sweeps that I was struggling with for this review. I am now hitting them pretty regularly in practice after just a week. In this review, I’m going to give you an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of MGinAction.

MGinAction is about Marcelo Garcia, and it gives us a window into the daily development and training of one of the world's best grapplers. Marcelo is a fierce competitor; four world championships and three ADCC championships prove that. But not everyone who dominates on the mat can teach. Garcia, it turns out, is that rare combination of great competitor and great teacher.

In person, Marcelo is warm, friendly, and humble, and that feeling comes through when he is teaching. He is genuinely engaged in the development of his students, and doesn’t just go through the motions of showing a technique. You get both the technique details and the thought processes and concepts behind them, which is critical to your success.

Marcelo is also very open and generous with what he teaches. There are no secrets here, no forbidden knowledge. He shares everything about his game. His academy is really an open source grappling laboratory, and if you’re a jiu-jitsu addict, that’s an exciting place to be... WATCH / READ NOW >

Origin Genesis 550

Rolling Reflections

Narrated by

Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo RollingMIn this segment of Rolling Reflections Marcelo Garcia shares his thoughts an a recent roll with one of his black belt instructors at his academy in NYC...


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