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This Month's Expert: Luigi Mondelli
Luigi Mondelli shares his final variation on the cross grip sweep series. This variation is for when your opponent manages to strip the grip on his inside sleeve, after you have set up for the sweep. Luigi changes the game and switches to a triangle, showing us how he modifies the position for a big guy with heavy legs. Great details on the setup and position..... WATCH NOW >

Luigi Mondelli


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John ThompsonThis guest article is from John Thompson. John is a 4 stripe blue belt under Ricardo Pires. He trains at RPBJJ East, and also teaches defensive tactics, firearms and physical training at area police academies.

When I say I posture I mean the body language and presence of your opponent, and his affect on your game. In other words you’re about to spar with a tatted up, 4% body fat, mean looking dude and your body and mind are going into overdrive.

There have been many good articles recently on the mental game of BJJ and other sports but this is also... READ >

Bjj Power Play

Defeating the Cross Collar Grip

In this BJJ Power Play Pete shares a quick tip on how to defeat a cross collar grip when you are in your opponent's guard. If your opponent is able to secure the second grip the submission is likely so you really don't want to spend a lot of time doing anything else until you can free the grip from your lapel. This simple head weave motion works most of the time... WATCH NOW >

Pete Roberts Power Play

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Gameness Never Quit Moment - Semi Finalist Winner - Shane "Monstrinho" Mount

ShaneThis is the first semi finalist winning entry in the Gamenss Never Quit Moment sponsorship contest. BJJ Weekly will be publishing 3-4 of these stories about fellow BJJ enthusiasts who overcame adversity to continue their training. Each published author will win a gi from Gameness, and the grand prize winner, selected with help from readers, will become a sponsored Gameness fighter.

We've chosen to publish the note Shane added to his entry because we feel it helps to put his story in cotext and gives insight into the passion that he has for BJJ. Thanks for sharing your story with us Shane, and congratulations on becoming the first semi finalist! ... READ >

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