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This Month's Expert: Rolles Gracie
In this segment Rolles Gracie shows us a really nice variation from last week's single leg takedown counter. Last week we saw how you can transition from a stalled single leg takedown into a nice Kimura finish. This week Rolles shows us another variation for when your opponent wants to spin and try and roll up into side control, which is a common reaction. Rolles uses the momentum from his opponents roll to transition into a back mount... WATCH NOW >

Rolles Gracie

“If you want to achieve some really big and interesting goals, you have to learn to fall in love with hard work.”
- Steve Pavlina

Health & Nutrition

Vitamin D helps your body use calcium for building strong bones, has benefits for heart health, helps keep your immune system in top form, and helps keep you in good spirits. The good news is that your body can actually manufacture Vitamin D if you get enough exposure to natural sunlight.

But there are a number of risk factors that could be keeping you from getting enough

Vitamin D in your diet. Vitamin D only occurs naturally in a certain foods like fish, fish oil, eggs, and some fortified foods. That means that if you are following a strict vegetarian diet you might not be getting enough from food alone... READ >

BJJ Power Play

Arm Lock from Guard - LUIGI MONDELLI
In this segment of BJJ Power Play Luigi Mondelli shows us some of the tricks he uses in setting up the arm bar from guard. By leaving his fist against his opponents neck and locking his legs tight before he swings around to set the submission, he helps to prevent an opponent from stacking to escape. There are a lot of details in this quick clip, check the grip, the hips, the hand position in the collar, the knees squeezing, and the finish.

Luigi Mondelli

BJJ Lifestyle

Do You Struggle to Balance
Family, Work, and Training?

My Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle - Desmund Reid
I was watching television one day in when I saw the Gracie Combatives commercial. I caught my attention and I called and orderd the DVDs. That was in September 2009. After that, BJJ became a major part of my life. I started training regularly at a local school the next January.

Training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gives me an opportunity to test my mind, body, and heart. I get to push myself beyond what I thought were my limits.

I would love to train more, but my daily schedule doesn’t allow it. I get up at about 4:30am, get ready for work and then wake up my daughter at 5 so I can have her ready for daycare on time. If I’m lucky I can get some coffee made before we leave... READ >

Gracie Adventure Camp

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