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This Month's Expert: Rolles Gracie
In his first week with us Rolles Gracie shares some amazing technique for defending against single and double leg takedowns, and also shows transitions into a guillotine choke and an arm triangle. There is at least a full class worth of technique in this issue!... WATCH NOW>

Rolles Gracie

“Blood is just red sweat.”
- Enson Inoue

Gracie Adventure Camp

Lifestyle & Opinion

We were lost. I had two GPS apps running on my phone, and Pete was telling me how this never would have happened if I had let him bring his Tom Tom along. I just think 3 GPS systems on one road trip to New Jersey is too many. I am 43 so if all else fails I'm old enough to remember how to read a map... but I'll admit it's been a few years.

We were dangerously close to being late if you couldn't find the school on time, and if there's one thing I hate it's showing up late to a video shoot. But we were driving around a subdivision of multi million dollar houses and I could have sworn I just saw Tony Soprano.... READ / WATCH >

Lifestyle & Opinion

In this episode of BJJ Power Play, Jason Scully shares a great drill he calls "Sticky Hands". The drill is designed to help you keep your opponent from breaking your posture by grabbing your head or high on your collar when you are in their guard. Practicing this drill will make your hands automatically go where they should to help keep your opponent flat on his back where you want him!... WATCH NOW >

Jason Scully

BJJ Lifestyle

By Guest Writer: Nicolas Gregoriadis, Roger Gracie Black Belt

Nicolas GregoriadisEvery week I get emailed questions from readers of the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood asking things like:

"There’s this big guy in my class, how do I beat him’ or ‘I can’t get the half-guard to work on this one purple belt"

I find this frustrating because I cannot tell you how or when you will be able to beat a certain opponent. I cannot give you a magic formula or a secret technique that will be your sparring partner’s kryptonite. But what I can share with you is a way to make it so that it’s not an issue anymore.

For me, the answer was to change my jiu-jitsu training from an ‘outcome’ based to ‘awareness’ based experience. When you shift the purpose... READ >

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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