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This Month's Expert: Ryron Gracie
In Ryron's last week he shows us an ankle lock from open guard. This may be the answer if you find yourself unable to pass an opponent's open guard.

Ryron Gracie

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live.”
- Mortimer Adler

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Proceed buttonIn a previous life, I taught computer aided design and manufacturing to high school students at a career and technical education school. Career and technical education, or CTE is the new and improved way to say vocational education. Historically, vocational eduction is thought of as training for a job like welder or plumber. A lot has changed recently in the world of CTE. Today there are a multitude of careers available to CTE students, and they can take courses and vocational training in hospitality, nursing, or graphic design... READ >

Power Play

Posturing up seems like an easy task and many times is one of the first things you learn. When someone has a tricky guard it can be downright frustrating to posture up while controlling the hips and keeping your opponent flat. This week, Pete shows us his own method he calls "Pyramid to Posture". Check it out if you want to improve your ability to posture and control great guard players.... WATCH >

Pete rick Power Play

Reviews That Matter

Submission Fight GiSubmission Fight Company Pearl Weave - First Impressions
This review almost didn't get written. We've received products for review before that were pretty bad, and it just seemed like rather than take up space in the newsletter with a negative review we'd put them on the shelf and hope the manufacture did a better job with the next.... READ >

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